Thursday, July 10, 2014

Superhero Selfies? Good or Bad?

Is the upcoming run of DC's superhero selfies themed variants seen as playful fun or shameless catering to our social media driven lifestyle?

[caption id="attachment_158" align="alignleft" width="300"]Superman and Batman pose for the first of many Superhero Selfies ONE OF THE FIRST SELFIE IMAGES RELEASED.[/caption]

In DC's upcoming run of themed variants we will see "selfies". Many see this as harmless fun, while others see it as a violation of beloved characters. I think as a male I can understand the anger behind it, "selfies" are seen on FB day in and day out, duck-faced, hipster-filtered, hashtagged "selfies". I can understand that we want so escape this everyday humdrum when reading an epic comic, so for them to break the 4th wall in such a way is frustrating. Also the whole idea that superheroes have cellphones is a perplexing idea. To think batman using his Samsung Galaxy to upload crime scene evidence back to batcave for analysis is pretty ludacris, and even further on that thought the biggest enemy would be bad cell service. "Well the joker made a daring escape and killed hundreds, because I couldn't get enough signal to call the Batwing." Suddenly the Verizon wireless "Can you hear me now?" guy will be the most sought out sidekick due to his epic cell boost. For me I think this fad really originated in the comic world after the Man of Steel poster was released, which straight up looked like supes was doing a selfie over a cornfield. No matter what DC has been making some questionable decisions, but after the bombshell variants I guess I can't be too mad if they do something a lil' silly. Click here to see more of the released superhero selfies.

[caption id="attachment_169" align="alignnone" width="621"]Supergirl poses with the crew for a "groupfie" - Superhero Selfies Supergirl poses with the crew for a "groupfie" - Superhero Selfies[/caption]